Why Travel With Us

Why Travel With Us

Mighty Tours & Travel Ltd is a fully incorporated tour operator company registered and licensed by the Ministry of Tourism and Information to conduct tour business in Africa; thus we confidentl assist thousands of traveller’s access destinations with great ease and offering them unforgettable experiences.

We all go 'the extra mile' to meet the client's specialized needs and services. Rest assured that with Mighty Tours & Travel Ltd, your travel experience becomes worth and gains the value for the services offered in return for your financial commitment

You have the following reasons for choosing Mighty Tours & Travel Ltd:-

  • Mighty Tours & Travel Ltd is a well-established safari company providing exciting and pleasurable safaris to all areas of Africa. We nurture your ideas and dreams into reality, to bring forth that unforgettable safari experience
  • Our experience and long established relations with our clients has allowed us to gather vast knowledge about the places you visit beforehand. This means with Mighty Tours & Travel Ltd you won't simply visit the countries or destinations to which you travel, you will gain insights into its culture; history and people. ..What’s more than a local touch of Africa!
  • Our staffs are highly trained professionals, with years of experience in the travel trade and are there to inspire you with confidence and knowledge. They are not just experts in their lines of duty, but give professional services to make the most benefits out of your travel arrangement(s).
  • We offer personalized itineraries which are carefully thought-out to suit your specialized individual needs and whims. We take you at a gentler pace, preferring to spend more time in fewer places than allow the beauty and serenity of this lovely Continent, Africa to pass by too quickly.
  • Mighty Tours & Travel Ltd car hire offers vast choice of destinations with a total flexibility to suit the most discerning traveler: private or large groups.
  • Wherever possible, we walk away from the confines of a vehicle and schedule, allowing you to feel and see the vastness of Africa, a celestial opportunity to enjoy the countryside visited.
  • At Mighty Tours & Travel Ltd, a warm welcome and a Magical experience awaits you from the moment you leave home till you get back to the same home.

Let us serve and deliver you to the Magical Africa, the unparalleled exposure and experience to the jungle, we are here to serve you, take you there and above all enjoy your safari with us.